Jordyn Browne

Jordyn is a Toronto-based musician, producer and singer-songwriter. She began her musical journey at age 11 while taking lessons at Beyond the Beat music school.

Here, she was able to focus on guitar, piano, and voice and fell in love with each instrument. Writing music soon became one of Jordyn’s greatest passions, which led her to the completion of several self-produced singles and a degree in Popular Music Studies and Psychology with distinction in Voice and Audio Engineering at the University of Western Ontario.

While completing her degree, she performed at multiple venues and events across Toronto and London. These experiences gave her the opportunity to collaborate with musicians across Ontario, and have inspired works in musical genres such as indie, folk, contemporary pop, meditative and healing music.

She has also produced over 50 original songs written by her students and hosts a yearly Song writing Summer Camp. Jordyn’s focus is to assist her students in exploring their creativity, while providing a supportive atmosphere to develop their technique and individuality as artists.

Jordyn Browne