Lora Ryan

Pop/Electronic artist and Singer/Songwriter Lora Ryan, has made a big splash in the independent music scene. Born and raised in Montreal, Quebec, Lora relocated to the Hollywood of Canada: Toronto, Ontario in September 2016. 

Lora initially started her career in performing arts including hip-hop dance, acting, and musical theatre – all before graduating from high school. She  studied acting at the Montreal School of Performing Arts in her teens but it wasn’t long  before she realized her first passion is to write, record and perform her own material. She  then made the switch to pursue singing with private vocal coaches at the Montreal  Academy of Music. 

It wasn’t long before Lora opted for hands-on experience in the field. She started  recording her own material by the age of 16. Gaining recognition and praise for her  catchy hooks and relatable lyrics from industry professionals and investors, Lora was  able to complete her first full length album in 2012. 

In her adult years, between recording and performing, Lora spent an invaluable six years  teaching at Montreal’s West Island Music Academy (WIMA). From vocal lessons to  performance coaching, songwriting workshops, coaching rock bands. There, she also  ran vocal ensembles and taught music for toddler classes. Her love of teaching, and  being a mentor naturally led her to coach and develop young artists just starting out.  

After moving to Toronto, Lora continued to teach privately while immersing herself into  the local music scene. Networking with industry leaders, co-writing with top songwriters,  The Songwriters Association of Canada, invited Lora to participate in several writing  camps. Keeping busy in the studio and performing all around the city, she honed her  artistry and craft.  

In 2018, Lora created a Women in Music Showcase, a platform for female songwriters to  show off their music, the story behind their songs, network with other female songwriters  and grow their fanbase. Following the success of this event, Lora was officially invited to  lead Women in Music Toronto a chapter of Women in Music Canada. 

Providing artists opportunities, booking and promoting events, she now helps bridge the  gap between artists and venues. With over 100,000 streams on Spotify alone, you can  hear her album ‘Reckless’ along with her singles ‘Loverboy’ and ‘December’.  

Lora’s extensive knowledge and musical expertise enables her to engage in many sides


Lora Ryan vocal teacher at Beyond the Beat Music School




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